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Our workflow



Here at Glean, we research and create highly-tailored design strategies geared towards the digital space, allowing you to rise above the competition and convey your brand’s identity with a laser-focus developed design layout.

The only thing we ask is that you to tell us what you’re all about.

What your company stands for, what inspired you to create it, what your ultimate goal is. What others should feel when they see your project’s name.


First impressions matter, no matter what they tell you.

Design is an area where attention to detail becomes our greatest asset. We believe it is critical in achieving a successful customer experience, and we’re not just talking about looking good.

It has to feel good and be intuitive, an episode users will remember positively.



Glean started out with the idea of building seamless and beautiful websites and web apps, specialising in back-end/front-end, UI/UX, as well as database manipulation.

For that purpose, our team of developers works hand-in-hand with our designers.

That’s how it should be done. Handling the process from concept to MVP maximises efficiency and gives us a different perspective, both client-side and server-side.

A closer look

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You’ll find our team of designers to be highly experienced and qualified for the job at hand, leaving no stone unturned when assessing the strategy that best suits your demands.

We focus on what's important - building for consistency and recognition.

To do that, we’ll take a deep dive into what you’re building and the things you envision for your organizations future. Once we’re on the same page, the ball is on our court

Design-led brand recognition is the end-goal, and you’ll find we have what it takes to create a unique story around yours


At Glean, industry standards are followed for every line of code we write. Quality assurance is integral to our work. The end result speaks for itself.

We’ve focused our development services on areas such as web-app and native-app, for which we use some of the most widely adopted technology stacks:

● HTML ● CSS ● JavaScript ● Python ● PHP ● Ruby ● Swift

>However, for some time now and due to its increasing popularity and demand, we’ve added Solidity and smart contract development to the array of services our company provides.

Development - Solidity

We’re proud to say we’ve accumulated enough knowledge and experience to consider ourselves experts within the Ethereum development field, over-delivering on the requests made by our clients.

Let us take a quick look into what this entails.

Smart Contract Development

Our services also include the writing, testing and deploying of contracts to the Ethereum blockchain platform.

Smart contracts are self-executing digital contracts, equipped with the ability to facilitate, verify or enforce the terms of an agreement between two entities. As the smart contracts are linked to a blockchain, the data becomes immutable and the need for a third party is eliminated, thereby automating business processes and cutting down extra costs.

Our focus is building self-executing digital contracts, customizable to any industry

Smart contracts bring about a whole set of benefits in comparison to traditional centralized systems

  • Time reduction
  • Cost reduction
  • Accuracy due to automation
  • Transparency
  • Immutability
  • Higher security
  • Higher efficiency
  • Intermediary elimination
  • Data backup
  • Self-auditing mechanisms
Dapp Development

A Dapp (short for decentralized application) is a digital application whose back-end code runs on some form of decentralized computing system (a P2P network). This in turns enables it to function outside the control of any singular authority (thereby eliminating the potential threat of a single point of failure). Its front-end code, in turn, can be built on most programming languages.

-> While Dapps can be built for multiple blockchain platforms, we at Glean specialize in building them specifically for the Ethereum blockchain, the leading global smart contract blockchain platform.

We help businesses automate their processes while maintaining a high degree of security.

Below you can find a few examples of popular Ethereum Dapps we have built.

  • Decentralized exchanges
  • WalletsStaking platforms
  • Prediction markets
  • ERC-20 faucets
  • Price feed oracles
  • DAO structures
Dapps vs Apps

- Changing stored data is impossible in the case of a Dapp, so transparency and immutability are absolute

- A Dapp enables simultaneous work on a given task by different computers, even if this requires the processing of large amounts of data. A Dapp does this while comparing independent results, reaching consensus and providing the processed data as output in a substantially shorter amount of time.

- As the information is decentralized, completely anonymous, and encrypted, privacy is an integral part of Dapps. Data stored within the Dapp can only be decrypted with access to a specific private key

- Unlike Apps, Dapps have no downtime. While the network is running, the Dapp is running, regardless of the action of any single individual node. This allows Dapps to be readily accessible and considerably more stable than centralized applications.

Digital token creation

While ERC-20 is undoubtedly the most widely used Ethereum token standard, there are a myriad of other token standards in use within its blockchain. Depending on your goal, we will run a thorough analysis of potential solutions for your specific token needs and implement one that suits you in the best possible way.

As tokens can be mintable, burnable, upgradable, haltable, transferrable, etc, it’s imperative we fully understand your objective so we provide you with a solution you feel is the right one.

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