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Branding - UI / UX design - Web/Solidity development

Meridian Website

“Glean was pivotal in re-designing the Meridian brand. In addition, their contribution towards development of our new website, initial staking contract and token swap portal gave us the necessary room to fully devote ourselves to our project’s end-product.”

Mark Landers, Co-Founder of Meridian Network

Meridian Iphone

Meridian Network —

Meridian Network is the 1st ecosystem of DeFi dapps and protocols fully governed through a community DAO. Since launching in May 2020, they have successfully launched their own staking platform, and are now working on their own prediction markets dapp, while providing holders with a Balancer pool and liquidity staking through Ferrum Network. They've been featured by top Youtube influencers like Crypto Zombie, BitBoy and Cryptodaily, while appearing in major news outlets such as Forbes, Business Insider, Cointelegraph, among others.

Supporting Meridian Network

Meridian Network and Glean entered an agreement in June 2020 to augment and drive growth in several project areas:

Brand identity - UX/UI - Web Development - Solidity development

Our team was commissioned to re-construct a new brand identity for Meridian Network for its upcoming product launch, which included web design and front end development. Our focus was on emphasizing the modern feel to the DeFi protocol while maintaining the key colorways throughout their website. We also added subtle interaction effects to give an extra edge to the UX as well as providing support and technical consulting for the development of their first dapp, an in-house staking contract, as well as for their token swap portal.

Meridian Foundation
Meridian Staking

Meridian’s initial staking platform

Meridian decided to implement a staking platform (known as the Meridian Vault) as a way to reward early adopters. Alongside their tech lead, we guided development for both back-end and front-end for the interface, implementing smart contract variations as a way to gauge the functionality required for optimum use whithout adding clutter and unnecessary complexity to the mix.
We were also responsible for both UX/UI design, testing several concepts before deciding which one best fitted Meridian's overall theme.

Meridian’s token swap portal

After a thorough assessment provided by Glean, Meridian realised the MRDN token was not suited for the array of (decentralised) applications they intended to build. We suggested a token swap, and offered to handle the whole process including development of the token swap portal required for holders to exchange MRDN for the new token, called LOCK. Again, we handled back-end and front-end, interface design and testing.

Meridian Token

Meridian Network is set to become the first ecosystem of dapps/protocols to be community run, governed by its own users through a set of DAO-implemented mechanisms. Users have the ability to propose every and any ideas they deem worthy through the DAO structure.

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